Flotsam and jetsam (6/22)

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Calvinists sometimes behave as if their Reformed credentials give them a free pass to forget there ever was a John Wesley, or that he is to be reckoned one of the good guys, or that he, being dead, yet speaks.
  • Dave Kraft explains why all leaders need a Jonathan and a Nathan. The emphasis of the post is on why leaders need to develop better and more accountable relationships. But, I wonder if the real focus should be on why those in leadership often seem incapable of developing these relationships. I don’t think it’s a question of not knowing that we should.Skye Jethani proclaims The Church Is Dead…Long Live the Church!, discussing the decline in the SBC and what this means for the church as a whole.

Recent numbers I saw indicate that about 50 churches are closing ever week, church attendance is not keeping pace with population growth, and the average age of church members is going up. These facts, like the ones reported by the SBC last week, are what make us think the church is dying. And the truth is some churches are dying and others reached room temperature years ago. But that doesn’t mean the Church is dying.

  • David Murray discusses the full humanity of Christ, calling on us to “guard the normal ordinariness of Christ’s maturing humanity.”

Leaders, because of their personality makeup, the nature of the responsibilities they carry and the accompanying pressures and expectations, tend to go it alone and not build close relationships.

  • Timothy Dalrymple has started a series on Christianity and homosexuality, keying off Al Mohler’s recent statement regarding evangelicalism’s terrible track record on the subject: “It’s not wrong to say homosexuality is wrong; it’s wrong to say it in the way Christians have said it.”
  • Joe Carter shares some quotes summarizing  The Wit and Wisdom of Peter Singer. Even you’re not terribly familiar with Singer (radical and influential ethicist), you should check this out.



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