Charting church history from a baptist perspective

Yesterday I commented on a couple of church history charts posted by Jim and Ari. But, since both of those charts were obviously flawed in how they presented the story of God’s faithful remnant through history, I thought I should provide a more accurate chart. Let me know what you think.


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  1. Yeah, that’s a “Baptist” chart! lol Btw, I have seen a few of these from “Brethrenism” (the PB’s), Darbyism, to my Great Gram’s ‘Kelly Brethren’ (William Kelly).

  2. That is the best chart I have ever seen. But I think there needs to be a few more offshoots of heresy 🙂

  3. I originally had intended to add more “heresy” boxes and do more with the “sadly misled non-baptists.” But then I realized that probably should do some work today.

  4. The top two boxes are, believe or not, the wrong way around. I cite a Landmarkist hymn from c.1870:
    ‘Not on the banks of Jordan,
    But in that flowing stream,
    Stood John the Baptist preacher,
    When he baptis`ed Him.
    John was a Baptist Preacher,
    When he immersed the Lamb,
    So Jesus was a Baptist,
    And thus the Baptists came.’

  5. A touch of genius! I hate to admit this as a Baptist. 😀

  6. This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  7. Like I said the “trail of blood” 🙂 . Nice!

  8. As a non-baptist, may I just choose which heresy box I fit into?

  9. Matt, Yeah that’s the way its done “today”, just pick your poison! lol But, if your not in or at least near the “Orthodox” box, it all down hill! 🙂 Note, as an Anglican..I am just near it! But, maybe I might jump in before I die?

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