Spring 2011 Papers

The Eschatological Voice of Romans 8:1025 (LePort, February 2011)

Augustine and the Consistent Trajectory of Compatibilism (Cash, February 2011)

Echoes of “Pure Speech”: An Intertextual Reading of Gen. 11:1-9; Zeph. 3:8-20; and Acts 1-2 (Pastor, March 2011)

Origen’s “Beautiful Captive Woman,” Polyvalence, and the Meaning of the “Righteousness of God” in Romans 1:17 (DeYoung, March 2011)

Mark’s Nuance of Wrede’s Messianic Secret: ‘The Messianic Paradox’. (Richards, March 2011)

Spring 2010 Papers

A Perfect Anger: A Brief Survey of Divine Wrath in the Tanakh (Dvoracek, April 2010)

Greek Fathers Annotated Bibliography (May 2010)

Saint John of Damascus and the Iconoclastic Controversy: The Essential Need for Image(s) in Christian Worship (Lunden, April 2010)

Gregory of Nyssa’s Infinite Progress: A challenge for an integrated theology (Bottiglia, April 2010)

Christological Development from 451 to 681 (Cardinal, April 2010)

Origen’s Subordinationism (Cash, April 2010)

An Introduction to the Letters of Serapion on the Holy Spirit by Athanasius of Alexandria (LePort, April 2010)

Becoming Like God?: The Greek Fathers and the Doctrine of Theosis (Finch, April 2010)

Irenaeus: Not a Lucky Winner (Brumund, April 2010)

Trinitarian Relationship (Hankins, (April 2010)

An Empty Cipher? Christology and the Mind/Body Debate (Marc Cortez, February 2010)

Fall 2009 Papers

Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Election and Its Missiological Implications (Billy Cash, Fall 2009)

Karl Barth’s Social Action: The Development of Karl Barth’s Theopraxis (Lunden, Fall 2009)

Summer 2009 Papers

The Problem of the Hiddenness of God in Luther’s Theology (Roach, Summer 2009)

Liberum Arbitrium – A Study on Martin Luther’s Ontology of Freedom (Lunden, Summer 2009)

The Impact of Sin on Luther’s Thought of Justification by Faith (Brumund, Summer 2009)

Spring 2009 Papers

Cyril of Alexandria’s Interpretation of Matthew and Luke’s Quotation of Hosea: A Study on Patristic Exegesis of Inter-textual Occurrences (Beazley, Spring 2009)

Exploring Buddhism’s Understanding on Suffering (Nguyen, Spring 2009)

“Sexuality: Theological Perspectives on Being Gendered” (Marc Cortez, Spring 2009)

“Mind & Body: The Dualism/Physicalism Debate” (Marc Cortez, Spring 2009)

“The Image of God as Covenantal Presence” (Marc Cortez, Spring 2009)

Fall 2008 Papers

“The Parable of the Wicked Tenants in Context: Jesus’ Interpretation of the Song of the Vineyard in the Light of Second Temple Jewish Parallels” (Ben Johnson, Fall 2008)

Origen’s “Beautiful Captive Woman,” Polyvalence, and the Meaning of the “Righteousness of God” in Romans 1:17
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