Th.M. Program Overview

Two Flexible Tracks

  • The non-thesis track is designed for the student who is primarily interested in developing a breadth of exposure across a range of disciplines and/or research interests. Students participating in this track will have the opportunity to take a number of Th.M. seminars, electives, and individualized studies. In addition, these students will complete two guided research projects through which they will develop their research and writing skills as well as pursue multiple research interests.
  • The thesis track will be of particular interest to the student who wants to develop the research, writing, and critical thinking skills necessary to the production of a full Th.M. thesis. Through this thesis as well as the Th.M. coursework, students in this track will develop significant depth in a particular biblical or theological field of study. This track will be particularly useful for students who are interested in preparing for further post-graduate study.

Three Main Components

  • Th.M. seminars. These are smaller, discussion-based classes focused on preparing Th.M. students to operate as independent learners and researchers in their chosen areas of study. Every year, we offer a Th.M. seminar in each of the 5 areas of concentration: systematic theology, historical theology, pastoral theology, New Testament studies, and Old Testament studies.
  • Electives & Individualized Studies. Th.M. students can shape their program around their needs and interests with a combination of elective courses and individualized studies.
  • Research. Learning how to produce quality research projects is an important part of the Th.M. program. So, regardless of whether you opt for the thesis or non-thesis track, you will have the opportunity to work on your research and communication skills.

An Outline of the Program

In the Thesis Track

3 Th.M. Seminars (6 credits)
6 Electives (12 credits)
Research Methods Class and Thesis (7 credits)

In the Non-Thesis Track

5 Th.M. Seminars (10 credits)
6 Electives (12 credits)
Research Methods class and Guided Research projects (3 credits)




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