A prayer for Sunday from Martin Bucer

[This was supposed to go out this morning. But apparently I goofed. Anyway, tomorrow is the anniversary of the death of Martin Bucer, the famous Strasbourg reformer (died Febrary 28, 1551). So, today’s prayer comes from the liturgy that Bucer wrote for the church in Strasbourg.]

Almighty God, heavenly Father, thou hast promised us through thy dear Son, or Lord Jesus Christ, that whatsoever we ask of thee in His name thou wilt grant unto us. Thy very Son our Lord hath taught us, by Himself and by His beloved apostles, to assemble in His name, and hath promised to be there in the midst of us, and to procure and obtain for us at thy hand whatever we agree to ask of thee on earth. And especially hath He commanded us to pray for those whom thou hast set over us as magistrates and rulers; and then for all the desires both of thy people and of all men. Forasmuch as we have all come together, before thine eyes, to thy praise, and in the name of thy Son our Lord Jesus;: we do heartily beseech thee, merciful God and Father, through they most-beloved Son our only Saviour, graciously to forgive us all our sin and iniquity; and life our hearts and souls unto thee that we may be able to beseech and implore thee with all our heart, according to thy will and pleasure which alone are righteous.


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