Hauerwas on Christian witness

Several years ago, when the issue of gays in the military first started to come up,  Duke theologian Stanley Hauerwas wrote a typically provocative article.  I had my college students (back in the day) read it to challenge them to think about how we “fit” into our surrounding culture/sub-cultures as Christians.  Love to get some feed back from y’all.

(Note: the link is to google books, and the article [very brief] is Chapter 8 of the book.

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  1. I read this article in the ‘Hauwerwaus Reader’. I know it made me think twice about being so uncritical about Christians in the military. While I don’t think it led me to be a pacifist it did make me wonder why we are so quick to celebrate Christian soldiers and our country’s involvement in wars in the Middle East while we are so vocal about the violence done to the unborn in our own country.

  2. Correction: “Hauerwas Reader”

    His name is so difficult sometimes! 🙂

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