Book giveway – Moo’s commentary on Romans

For some reason, I seem to have two copies of Douglas Moo’s The Epistle to the Romans from the NICNT series. At just over 1,000 pages, I can’t figure out how I managed to end up with two of them. But I did. And, being the cheapskate wise steward that I am, I was going to sell the extra copy. Then I realized that there might be some interest out there in a book like this and that it would be good for me to spread the wealth instead. So, I’m going to give it away. (But don’t tell God that I’m doing it publicly. I want to score some rewards in heaven for my generosity while I’m at it.)

As usual, the rules are simple. If you’d like a chance to win the book, here’s what you do (UPDATE – you only need to do one of the following, though you can do more if you choose):

  • Blog about it and link to this post
  • Link to the post from Twitter and let me know in the comments
  • Link to the post from Facebook and let me know in the comments
  • Comment on this post and indicate that you want the book
  • Make a video of yourself on a busy street, dressed like a Roman citizen, explaining to random pedestrians why the book of Romans is important. Post the video on YouTube and leave a comment here.

You can enter as many different ways as you’d like (bonus points for the YouTube video) and increase your odds of winning. I’ll accept entries through September 15, and then randomly select a winner.

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  1. >>>…(But don’t tell God that I’m doing it publicly. I want to score some rewards in heaven for my generosity while I’m at it.)…


    Yeah, count me in on the sweeps, please.


  2. I want the book and I posted about it here.

  3. I blogged the giveaway (which should ping back soon), which also posted on Facebook here. Here’s to me winning! 😉

  4. I could use an extra copy 😉 Actually I’d like the book for a pastor friend who is just starting Romans.

  5. Consider who needs it most – I have just enough Bible college to be dangerously ignorant, I’m currently self-educated, and I have a blog. You’d be doing the world a favor! 🙂

    Seriously, though, thanks for sharing the wealth!

  6. Here’s my blog:here

    Facebook: here

    Twitter: here

  7. Tweeted it, it’s on Facebook, and a post. Plus, a comment. That’s, um, 17 entries.

  8. Poverty stricken Bible translator looking for a free commentary 😉 ….(waving mouse and saying…pick me, pick me)… posted on facebook!/home.php?sk=lf

  9. Marc,

    This is great, man! 😀

  10. i cant enter your contest because of the twitter clause.

    • Sorry, my directions may not have been entirely clear. You can enter in any one of those ways. So, you can still steer clear of twitter entirely. Unless, of course, you feel that the entire contest has been tainted by its association with twitter and refuse to participate entirely for that reason.

  11. Weng-Him Cheung

    I want the book.

  12. J.D. Jespersen

    Hello Marc,

    Very glad to find your blog and even more excited to know you are having a little contest for the Douglas Moo commentary on Romans. I would certainly like to add myself into the running for this coveted book.


  13. If you don’t give me the book I will show up at your office wearing nothing but Brian Maclaren’s latest book around my neck for a week. If that doesn’t get us anywhere I’ll slash your tires.

    • Hmmm, that threat could backfire on you. Just the thought of you walking into my office dressed like that, has me bordering on falling into a coma that will take me weeks to recover from. And, the nightmares that I’m sure to have during said coma will subsequently cause me to run screaming from the room whenever your name is mentioned in my presence. All of this could make it difficult for me to award you the book. But, I’ll see if I can hold on until the drawing.

  14. Hi. I Twittered as @aplectic. Thanks.

  15. Hi Mark
    Thanks for all your work here.

    Here’s my plea for the Moo – thank you for considering my entry from across the pond


    God bless
    Rachel at Re-vis.e Re form

  16. I would like a shot…I will return with the blog post and tweet about it.

  17. on blog, on facebook, on comment, I’d be happy with three, I’d like to leave some room for serendipity. + I don’t tweet or look good in a toga.

  18. I’d like a chance to win it too.

  19. I sure do want that book…

  20. I would like the book, and I am taking a calculated risk by limiting myself to this one entry. Let’s see if my strategy works…

  21. I am Joel; therefore, give me the book.

  22. I twittered and it forwarded to my facebook as well. 🙂

    oh and i really would like this commentary… 🙂

    Thank you!


  23. Thanks for the generous offer to the community of Christian blog readers. I would love to own a copy of Moo’s Romans commentary, especially since he gets into the Greek (slowly read Romans in Greek for the first time earlier this year).

    • Hey, nice job getting through Romans in Greek! I hope you keep it up.

      • Thanks for the encouragement. Zerwick’s Grammatical Analysis has been a very helpful aid. I’m reading through Revelation now.

  24. Thank-you for your generosity. Please enter me in the draw!

    May the Peace of our Lord be with you,


  25. Marc,

    I would like to be entered into the drawing, thanks! I’ll put it right next to Leon Morris’ commentary on Romans; which I’ve actually found very helpful. Have you considered giving away your copy of Barth’s Der Romerbrief? 😉 I’ll take than one too . . . please (pretty).

    • You should be. You scared me yelling MOO all of a sudden like that. I almost spilled my chocolate milk.

      • My dad always said, “Son, with a name like Mikalatos you shouldn’t be making fun of the names of other people.” But then Kenny Rogers told me that sometimes you gotta fight to be a man.

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