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Flotsam and jetsam (6/7)

  • Evangelical Textual Criticism has added a Syriac NT bibliography to its list of resources.
  • Joel Watts reviews a new commentary on the Johannine literature. And last week Nijay Gupta asked his reader their opinion on the best commentary on John to use as a textbook for an exegesis class at an evangelical seminary. He posted the results and some comments here. Joel Watts also has a review of Seth Sanders’ The Invention of Hebrew: Traditions, which sounds like a fascinating discussion of how the Hebrew language contributed to structures of political authority in the ancient world.
  • Jason Goroncy is working through a series on William Stringfellow’s theology (part 1 and part 2).
  • The NYT has a piece on yesterday’s statement  by a synod of Catholic bishops decrying the violence in the middle east.
  • And, for those of you anxious for the beginning of the world cup, Scriptorium Daily offers a post on “How Soccer Explains the World