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The Potato Head brothers explain Markan priority

Who should you turn to if you need to understand important biblical concepts? The potato head brothers, of course. So, here they are explaining Markan priority and what it means for biblical studies.

HT James McGrath


Flotsam and jetsam (7/22)

Historical Jesus sighting

As promised, Brian has posted some reflections on last night’s discussion between Marcus Borg and Paul Anderson on the subject of the origin of the Gospels. He led off with a post interacting with Borg’s tendency to claim a scholarly consensus for his positions, something Brian apparently finds a little annoying. And, he followed that up with a summary of Borg’s presentation. Brian does a nice job summarizing some things that he appreciated, while still concluding that Borg’s understanding of the historicity of the Gospels and the nature of the post-resurrection Jesus is just wrong. And, there will be a follow-up post summarizing Anderson’s counter-presentation, which emphasized particularly the historicity of the Johannine tradition.