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Publishing opportunity for grad students?

Brian LePort JohnDave Medina commented earlier today on a good opportunity for grad students through Logos Bible Software.

Logos Bible Software has opened an invitation to graduate students to publish for the Lexham Bible Dictionary. There are already scholars who have agreed to contribute, but I suspect the lines are still open. From the ‘Participate’ page:

But, even though I think this might be a good opportunity, I have to admit that I’m also a little ambivalent to such “publishing endeavors.” If you just want to support a work that you think has legitimate value for the Christian community, great. We need good resources, and it takes good people willing to invest their time to put them together. So, by all means, participate if you want.

But, please don’t do it because you see it as “a great way to earn publication credits,” as the website apparently touts. I read resumes on a pretty regular basis and I have to admit that I skip over anything that has to do with publishing in a “dictionary.” Sure, it may make your publications list a little longer, but anyone who’s paying attention can tell if you’re padding your resume with publications like this. (By the way, book reviews can be viewed the same way.)

Again, I think it’s great to support a needed resource. So, if you want to “give back” to the community, please do. But, don’t do it just to make your resume look a little more impressive. It doesn’t.