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2010 Karl Barth Blog Conference

The annual Karl Barth Blog Conference (KBBC) is up and running at Der Evangelische Theologie.

The overarching theme is ”Karl Barth in Conversation with…”, where the blank is filled by some significant thinker or field. Each conference session contains plenary posts and responses that cluster into sub-conversations.

This week will see posts on Barth in conversation with Schleiermacher, Bavinck, Bonhoeffer, Tillich, and Jenson. (You can view the Week 1 outline and author bios here.) Today’s post by Matthew Bruce deals with “Schleiermacher and Barth: On Theology as the Science of the Divine Word.”

If you’re looking to understand Barth’s theology and his location in the broader theological community, this should be a fascinating conference to follow.