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Early adopters through time has a very funny and interesting video on “early adopters through time.” The video actually works on two levels. On the one hand, it makes fun of people who refuse to buy new technologies because they’re just going to come out with something new later. (I fall into this trap regularly.) But, you can also watch it as a critique of consumerism (hence why I’m posting this on Black Friday), with the constant appeal to buy the latest and greatest new toy.

I couldn’t embed it, so you’ll have to head over there to watch. Here are some of my favorite lines:

Early adopters in the stone ages: “What – this? Oh, it’s my bone. It makes hunting for food way easier. You should get one.”

The never-ending quest: “All I’m saying is that if you buy this thing, it will be the last thing you need to buy. Ever.”

And, a nod to Planet of the Apes: “Trust me, if I’m going to get a servant gorilla, it’s just going to gather dust.”