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January 2011 Biblioblog rankings – thanks to whoever voted for us!

The January 2011 Biblioblog Top 50 is out, and congratulations to Near Emmaus for making it all the way up to #3! They’re all doing a great job over there, so the move up the rankings is well deserved. (We didn’t do too badly either.)

For the second month, we also have a list of the Top 10 Biblioblogs. Unlike the Top 50, which is determined by internet traffic, the Top 10 list is based on  people just casting votes for the blogs they like best. It’s completely random and unscientific, but still fun. And, apparently someone voted for us, since we’re ranked there for the first time at #10. I don’t know how many people voted overall, so it could be that we received two votes and that was enough to grab the #10 slot. If so, thanks to both of you!

Biblioblog Top 50 & Biblical Studies Carnival

I’m a little slow on a couple of notifications, but I want to note that the December 2010 editions of the Biblioblog Top 50 and Biblical Studies Carnival are both out.

Congratulations to the Near Emmaus crew for making it all the way to #4 on the Top 50 list! With some new bloggers and many excellent posts, Near Emmaus has done an outstanding job lately.

And, of course, thanks to Joseph Kelly for putting together a really good Biblical Studies Carnival.