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A Theological Critique of Philosophy

Many thanks to Ben Myers for pointing out that John Milbank’s 2011 Stanton Lectures, “Philosophy: A Theological Critique,” will be made available on the ABC Religion & Ethics site.

This should be a fascinating lecture series worth following. As, Milbank explains:

This series of lectures will not be concerned with either the philosophy of religion or philosophical theology. Instead, they will be about the relationship between philosophy and theology.

Here’s the outline (I’ll try to remember to update this as each lecture becomes available):

19 January: The Return of Metaphysics in the 21st century

26 January: Immanence and Life

2 February: Immanence and Number

9 February: Transcendence without Participation

16 February: Participated Transcendence Reconceived

23 February: The Habit of Reason

2 March: The Realism of Feeling

9 March: The Surprise of the Imagined

Flotsam and jetsome (6/18)

– According to Kenton Sparks evangelicals have failed to engage critical biblical scholarship.

– Ben Myers discusses a “theology of scholarship”.

– Kent Eilers is reviewing Mark Bowland’s Rendering the Word in Theological Hermeneutics.

– Jim West has begun engaging James Crossley’s Reading the New Testament.

– Trevin Wax reviews John A. D’Elia’s biography of G.E. Ladd.