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John Cleese on Fostering Creativity in a Frenetic World

In this video clip, John Cleese explains why the unconscious is important in the creative process and how to facilitate creativity by establishing space/time boundaries in your life.


(HT someone on Facebook, but I can’t remember who)

Top Ten Spiritual Films of 2010

Patheos has posted a list of ten spiritually or theologically significant films from 2010. You’ll have to read the  post to see their explanation for why they selected each film, but here’s the list:

As I mentioned  while back, this has not been a big movie year for me. So, I haven’t actually seen any of these films (not even Harry Potter or Tron, though I hope to rectify the latter failure soon). If you’ve seen any of these and would agree that it is “spiritually or theologically significant,” let us know.

Joker and Lex paying homage to Calvin and Hobbes

As a big Calvin and Hobbes fan, I have to appreciate the work that went into this Calvin and Hobbes tribute piece. According to The Daily What, this was produced by writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermejo as part of a two-page parody in a recent Superman/Batman comic. I was going to use this to work up some deeply theological reflections on evil, jealousy, power, self-hatred, etc. But I didn’t.