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Flotsam and jetsam (12/16)

Good Reads

  • Christianity 2.0: A Washington Post writer asks, “What will a fresh Christianity look like in America?” I disagree with many of his conclusions, but it’s still an interesting read.
  • Four Reasons Christmas Matters: “Today, here and now, what is the significance of Christmas? Why has the church over the centuries cultivated this celebration of the birth of Christ? What do the birth narratives, and the very fact of God’s incarnation in Christ, communicate to the world?”
  • Here are two great posts on preaching you should definitely read. Maybe I Do Want Topical Preaching pushes expositional preachers to connect the dots between the text and everyday life. And 10 Steps to Better Preaching has a number of great tips; my favorite, especially given the application focus of the first link, was “avoid trite application.” Amen.
  • Rediscovering the Ascended Life of Jesus: “If 25 percent of the New Testament has the ascension of Christ as its central event and theological emphasis, why is this the most overlooked doctrine in modern evangelicalism?”

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 Just for Fun     

  • Skateboarding looks so much more impressive (and difficult) when you watch it in slow motion (HT 22 Words):

A Danger that Transcends the Star Trek vs. Star Wars Debate

George Takei offers some wise counsel in this video when he warns that Star Wars and Star Trek fans need to put their enmity behind them, make “Star Peace,” and face and even greater enemy. Watch and learn. (I’ve been feeling a little random lately.)


Flotsam and jetsam (12/14)

Good Reads
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How God Made Geeks (Like Me)

HT 22 Words

Another Big Book Giveaway

Western Seminary’s Trans·formed blog is giving away 6 books from IVP. You can enter using the normal methods (subscribing, Facebook, and Twitter). But you can also enter by filling out a brief survey or by getting other people to enter and mention you as the person who referred them. (The last one means that your opportunities to enter are limited only by the number of people who like you well enough to mention you as their referrer.) So go check it out. You can always use more books, right?

Flotsam and jetsam (12/12)

driving in the snow

Good Reads

  • Greg Peters questions the practice of going “on retreat” to get spiritually renewed: “What if local churches became the real centers of spiritual renewal in the life of the evangelical church? What if retreats were unnecessary because the local church met its member’s spiritual needs by way of daily or, at least, near-daily worship services?”
  • Money Matters: Do I Have to Give? Tim Challis is writing an interesting series answering the questions Do I have to give?, How am I to give?, Where am I to give?, and How much should I give?
  • Jesus Ripped Up Santa’s List: “we like the list. We like the neat and tidy categories that the list offers and the obvious ramifications of our behavior.”
  • Churchill for Pastors: 5 Leadership Lessons: “Pastors can identify with the ups and downs of Churchill’s career. His quips inspire them. And his triumphs and tragedies can even teach us a thing or two (or five) about leadership.”

Other Info

  • If you’re getting tired of fantasy football or fantasy baseball, try Fantasy Curling.

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A Prayer for Sunday (St. Ambrose)

[The feast day for Ambrose of Milan was earlier this week (Dec 7). So it seems appropriate that our prayer this morning come from this great leader of the early church.]

Lord Jesus Christ, I approach your banquet table
in fear and trembling, for I am a sinner,
and dare not rely on my own worth
but only on your goodness and mercy.
I am defiled by many sins in body and soul,
and by my unguarded thoughts and words.

Gracious God of majesty and awe,
I seek your protection, I look for your healing.
Poor troubled sinner that I am, I appeal to You, the fountain of all mercy.
I cannot bear your judgment, but I trust in your salvation.
Lord, I show my wounds to You and uncover my shame before You.
I know my sins are many and great, and they will fill me with fear,
but I hope in Your Mercies, for they cannot be numbered.

Lord Jesus Christ, eternal king, God and man, crucified for mankind,
look upon me with mercy and hear my prayer, for I trust in You.
Have mercy on me, full of sorrow and sin,
for the depth of your compassion never ends.

Praise to You, saving sacrifice,
offered on the wood of the cross for me and for all mankind.
Praise to the noble and precious blood,
flowing from the wounds of my crucified Lord Jesus Christ
and washing away the sins of the whole world.
Remember, Lord, your creature, whom You have redeemed with Your Blood.
I repent my sins, and I long to put right what I have done.
Merciful Father, take away all my offenses and sins;
purify me in body and soul, and make me worthy to taste the holy of holies.

May Your Body and Blood, which I intend to receive, although I am unworthy,
be for me the remission of my sins, the washing away of my guilt,
the end of my evil thoughts, and the rebirth of my better instincts.
May it incite meto do the works pleasing to You
and profitable to my health in body and soul,
and be a firm defense against the wiles of my enemies.


Flotsam and jetsam (11/9)

gotta love Arrested Development

Good Reads

  • Gospel Centrality: A Warning and Recommendation: “Evangelicals are deeply essentialist. For a variety of historically conditioned reasons, we like to boil things down to their road-ready minimum and get on with life. As I’ve often heard it said, we tend to have two speeds, essential and unimportant.”
  • Getting Inerrancy Wrong: “Sadly, though, it is becoming increasingly clear (again) that even some of those who believe in the inerrancy of Scripture have different interpretations of what inerrancy means.”

Other Info

  • Deal of the Day: Aaron Armstrong is giving away a plethora of books. Seriously, go check it out. He’s got a great package of books to give away to three different winners.
  • All of Church History in 5 Hours: Michael Patton has posted the mp3 files, handouts, and power points for a 5-hour overview of church history. Somebody check this out and let us know how they are.
  • America’s View of Southern Baptists Studied: “The majority of Americans have a favorable impression of Southern Baptists, according to a recent LifeWay Research study. However, 40 percent of respondents have an unfavorable view of the denomination; more than a third strongly assume an SBC church is not for them; and the negativity is higher among the unchurched.”

 Just for Fun     

  • Loved this “diary” from a day in the life of a cat and a dog. From the cat:I am convinced that the other prisoners here are flunkies and snitches. The dog receives special privileges. He is regularly released, and seems to be more than willing to return. He is obviously retarded. The bird must be an informant. I observe him communicate with the guards regularly. I am certain that he reports my every move. My captors have arranged protective custody for him in an elevated cell, so he is safe. For now.”

Flotsam and jetsam (12/7)

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Cellos, Lightsabers, and a Dancing Wookiee (just some random fun)

This video was too much fun to pass up, and I thought it might help get your week started on the right note. Dueling cellos, a little lightsaber action, Darth Vader playing the accordion, and a dancing wookiee. Does it get any better than that?