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Saturday morning humor…Junk Email


The meaning of life according to Siri.

Whoever programed Siri, the new iPhone personal assistant, has a fabulous sense of humor and the amazing ability to predict what kinds of weird questions people might think to ask their new iPhone. Check out some of the creative responses Siri gave to a whole range of off-the-wall questions.

My personal favorite is this slightly disturbing exchange:

I’m not sure that I’m comfortable with the phone in my pocket having quite that much experience with this kind of thing.

But, even more interesting was this series of exchanges on the meaning of life. I think Siri is someone I could sit down and have a meaningful conversation with.






The 7 Deadly Keys.

Ever thought about how your keyboard illustrates the 7 deadly sins? Now you can.

HT Neatorama

Saturday Morning Fun…Religious Nerds.

Today’s Saturday Morning Fun actually has a little bite to it, arguing that religious nerds are the most dangerous of all nerds because we’re the only ones who will kill for our nerdiness.

Saturday morning fun: Wanna Live Forever? Become a Noun.

Thanks to John Farrier, here’s a great little video on how to live forever by becoming a noun. And, as icing on the cake, it even mentions John Duns Scotus. Any video that can get humor out of medieval theology is fine by me.

Saturday morning fun: If computer problems were real

I thought the funnier pieces were the ones toward the end. So give it time to warm up.

The painful truth of how denominations see each other

Thanks to Brian LePort for pointing out this fabulous chart on understanding how various Christian denominations see each other. Since it’s close to where I live, my favorites have to be how Evangelicals are seen by the Reformed, and how the Reformed are seen by evangelicals. As with all of them, there’s a lot of painful truth in there.

Saturday morning fun: Captain Kirk on why Star Trek is better than Star Wars

Best PSA ever! On Driving Recklessly

Normally, I’d wait until Saturday to post something like this, but it was too good to pass up. So, have some Tuesday fun instead. (Make sure you watch this all the way to the end. Trust me.)

HT 22 Words

Saturday morning fun…The Republican Debate in 45 Seconds

There’s no political statement here. I just thought this was just funny.


(HT 22 words)