Flotsam and jetsam (11/8)

How they describe earthquakes in Oklahoma

Good Reads

  • Experiencing the Trinity (with Wesley): “John Wesley only preached one sermon with the word “Trinity” in the title, but don’t let that fool you: he is a great guide to living out the mystery of evangelical trinitarianism.”
  • I enjoy mainstream articles that talk about evangelicals. It’s enlightening. So, here is Tarring all evangelicals, an article about the fact that that not all evangelical schools are like Liberty University.

Other Info

 Just for Fun     

  •  Okay, I’m not sure that this actually qualifies as “fun.” But, it is interesting. It’s one thing to watch this poor bison getting attacked by wolves. And it’s worse to see his friends run right past him without helping. But don’t worry, it gets worse.

About Marc Cortez

Theology Prof and Dean at Western Seminary, husband, father, & blogger, who loves theology, church history, ministry, pop culture, books, and life in general.

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  1. For a split second I thought the other bison was going to clear out the wolves chasing his “friend,” and give him an escape. That split-second was the best part of the video…

  2. It would also be too easy to talk about this as a metaphor for how ministry feels sometimes. 🙂

  3. I think he was bowling for wolves, but he just has really poor depth perception and took out his buddy instead. Suffice it to say, he will need counseling.

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