Forced Choices: Who are your favorite preachers?

Our last Forced Choice looked at OT genres. And, although Law lost badly with only 12%, the others were fairly close: History 24%, Prophecy 30%, and Poetry/Wisdom 34%.

This week, we’re going to try something a little different. Someone asked me on Facebook the other day which three preachers (outside of Scripture) I held in highest regard. I thought that was an interesting question, so I’d like to throw it out to you. So, instead of doing a Forced Choices poll this week, I’d just like to ask: Who are your favorite preachers? And, I’m specifically looking for both historic preachers and contemporary preachers.

Now, almost immediately, someone is going to ask me to give some criteria for determining the best preachers. And, I’m not going to do that. I just want to know your favorites. You can explain your reasons if you’d like, or you can just drop some names. And, keep in mind that you’re not necessarily saying that they’re the “best” preachers (whatever that means), just that these are the ones you personally hold in high regard for some reason.

So, what do you think? Who are your favorite preachers?


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  1. 1) Edwards 2) Spurgeon 3) Origen (not always in content but the guy is fascinating)

  2. Tim Keller, Jonathan Edwards and Charles Spurgeon

  3. For what it’s worth, I responded to the FB query with Chrysostom, Luther, and Spurgeon.

  4. Francis of Assisi, Jan Hus and Billy Graham.

    Francis preached peace to all of creation… if its true about the wild animals coming to him. 🙂

    Jan Hus, was the first of the reformers.

    Billy Graham.. virtually loved by all, Calvinist, Arminian, Orthodox and even atheist.

  5. Sinclair Ferguson, Arturo Azurdia, and George Whitefield

  6. Of course looking at the great Victorian age, Charles Spurgeon comes first for me, but before that there are many others, John Wesley, George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards. My list could go on here! But, I also like to read what were considered to be sermons (Sermones/sermo, Latin) by Augustine of Hippo…see both Augustine, “sermo” and his “tractaus”. But too, since I am a Brit, or Anglo Irish somewhat, and in my early 60’s I got to hear some great British preachers along the way also…, perhaps my fav here was D.Martin Lloyd-Jones, who was actually a trained medical doctor, and known simply as “The Doctor”. (Died in the early 80’s, 81 as I remember?) And he was early involved in the Inter-Varsity, then “Fellowship”. And btw, I think it was in the late 50’s, but through or with one of my great Aunts (we were on a personal holiday trip together in England), who was listening to the BBC radio, I heard one of C.S. Lewis’s messages. All I remember was his proper English diction!

    And today, since I have been in the ‘States’, I have got to hear John MacArthur preach, and no matter what one may think of his conservative nature and theology.. he is a very able preacher!

  7. Allister Begg, Art Azurdia, George Whitefield, Lloyd-Jones, Calvin, Ed Clowney.

  8. Ravi Zacharias, Alistair Begg & Tim Keller.

  9. Damn, how could I forget Calvin & Luther? Btw, I bet Luther rolled a few cuss words in his time! 😉

    *Every so-called evangelical type, Catholic or Protestant should read Barth’s message: ‘The Humanity of God’!

  10. Athanasius, Chrysostom, Gregory of Nazianzus

  11. Giles of Rome, Alexander MacClaren, Herb Anderson, … not in the same class but much lower and with all humility aside I sometimes like … well you guess … 😉

  12. Btw, Marc: Kinda funny or really theologically odd that Law came in last? I of course voted for the Law. But I am not surprised it was the least, with so much antinomianism. Indeed the loss of moral law abounds on every front!

  13. Athanasius, Irenaeus, Luther, Calvin, Ron Grow, Spurgeon, Thomas Torrance and Barth.

  14. pretty reformed/early church fathers group we got here…

    Contemporary…I like Chan 🙂

  15. Honestly, I thought the same thing. No question that the early church fathers emphasis reflects the readership of this blog more than anything. We like church history around here!

  16. I like Fr. Thomas Hopko and Fr. Stephen Freeman. 🙂


  17. Rick Holland, George Whitefield, and my pastor (because he labors in the word for the betterment of my soul).

    • I think it’s great how many people are voting for their own pastors! Very nice.

      • Marc,

        I had some great Anglican pastors/theolog’s and people in my life! One Canadian Anglican was a real blessing, the Rev. Dr. Ronald Ward, he wrote early for Word Books, and had some good Word commentaries. If you can find an old copy of his: The Pattern of Our Salvation, A Study of New Testament Unity (Word, 1978), it is still grand!

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