Flotsam and jetsam (10/26)

Good Reads

  • Hermeneutical Hall Passes: “Have you ever read the New Testament and wondered if the apostles would have passed a contemporary hermeneutics course?”
  • Martin Marty takes a look at American Baptists and the fact that “Baptist” is a far more diverse category than most people realize.
  • Why Is Killing Okay But Not Sexuality? James McGrath has an interesting reflection on whether we should view differing perspectives on homosexuality in the same way that we treat differing views on pacifism – i.e. legitimately different perspectives on challenging moral issues.

Other Info

  • A new study shows that pastors’ salaries rose slightly this year and that “women are compensated 28 percent less than men across all paid positions in the church.”

 Just for Fun     


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  1. I am not in the least bit surprised that “women are compensated 28 percent less than men across all paid positions in the church.” My personal experience is that the contribution of women is not truly valued by the church, or is only valued in a very PATRONIZING way. And by “value” I am more referring to the attitude toward and opportunities given to women. Women are looked on as less capable. Of course, I am speaking generally and based on my own experiences. But this statistic about pay would seem to back it up. If you see someone as less capable, you are not going to pay them as much. The shenanigans in some churches are amusing…if a man has a certain position he automatically gets the title of Pastor, even if he does not have official seminary or Bible school training. A woman with an actual degree who has the same position may instead be called a “coordinator” or “superintendent”…

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