Spurgeon documentary online

Here’s a documentary on the life of Charles Spurgeon. I haven’t watched it yet since it’s just over an hour long, but it looks interesting. And, as far as I can tell, it’s well done. If anyone gets a chance to watch it, tell us what you think. (HT Dane Ortlund)

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  1. Very nicely done, of course mainly British done..on the Victorian Christian Charles Spurgeon! My greatgram (born in 1882, a Scot-Irish) was baptised in Spurgeon’s Tabernacle by A.T. Pearson, she died when I was 15. What an affection she had on me, and Irish Catholic lad, who came then to Christ! Certainly this film brought back sweet memories!

    But oh what has happened to the British Commonwealth, sadly! London is full of Muslims, more than Christians! I wonder what Charles Spurgeon would say? No doubt preach the Gospel to them, you who believe in the Gospel of the Sovereign Grace of God! But do we believe still in the power of the Good News and the Gospel of Christ, and the sovereign Lordship of Christ, Himself? We who name the name of Christ must act like it, live like it, and theologically profess it!

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