Flotsam and jetsam (10/18)

I hope my daughters don't see this

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  • Must Read of the Day: The Evangelical Rejection of Reason. This NYT essay is a great example of how conservative evangelicals are being portrayed in the popular media. But, it’s also a good example of rhetoric gone awry. Regardless of what you think of the issues, this kind of attack job is unhelpful.

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  1. How did coffee not make the list of top 10 legal addictions? At this point it has to trump cigarettes.

  2. I appreciated the article by Blomberg on exit interviews. We recently left a church after 3 yrs, after being unable to assimilate after trying very hard to do so. Related to this, this church also had terrible communication…E-mails or phone calls would not be returned, a leader would say they’d do something and then not do it, etc. There seemed to be a real disconnect between the leadership and the people. However, this church had exceptionally good expository preaching/teaching – which is why we stayed as long as we did. It seemed that no one on church staff had the gift of shepherding – just preaching or administration. There was, of course, no exit interview, and I doubt this church even knows we left! (and we were members!)

    The point…to relate it more to Blomberg’s thoughts. We are established believers, and although our 3 yrs at this church was exceedingly frustrating and discouraging…we have not abandoned the faith. We are concerned for the not-so-established believers (or for unbelievers seeking the truth) who try this church. Their frustration and discouragement could lead them to abandon the faith, or never even come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

    Since leaving this church, we have come in contact with others who left the church for the same reasons we did. I don’t think this church realizes how wide their backdoor is!! I think the exceptional preaching draws in a steady stream of new people, and with a core of “stayers”, they don’t realize how many are leaving….

    Well, no need to reply to my rambles. It was “therapeutic” to share it. Thanks!

    • Thanks for sharing. And, I hear similar stories about a lot of different churches where shepherding seems to be the missing element. It’s frustratingly common.

  3. I’m sorry to say that the NYT editorial is by “my” people (scholars from my denomination). It’s a mess. The point seems to be: evangelicals are anti-intellectual twits (except for us, and Francis Collins, and Mark Noll, and…). Why use such a broad brush at the same time that you are rejecting the categorization?

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