Saturday Morning Fun…Religious Nerds.

Today’s Saturday Morning Fun actually has a little bite to it, arguing that religious nerds are the most dangerous of all nerds because we’re the only ones who will kill for our nerdiness.

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Theology Prof and Dean at Western Seminary, husband, father, & blogger, who loves theology, church history, ministry, pop culture, books, and life in general.

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  1. That’s funny… but so many poor presuppositions.

  2. George Lucas would never agree with this.

  3. I think we are losing the meaning of the word ‘nerd’. It was a very well defined term in the 80’s when it clearly marked someone who wore a pocket protector, excelled at math and science, and knew how to program in Basic, Pascal, and Fortran (i.e. Revenge of the Nerds – you know, Anthony Edwards as Gilbert before the coolness of Goose in Top Gun). Then it seems we started to have specializations in nerdom – computer nerd, math nerd, etc. At the same time, there were the geeks who were folks like the socially awkward, trekkies, those who played Dungeons and Dragons excessively, – you get the picture. It seems in the 90s the terms shifted and so the former nerds were now geeks and ‘nerd’ became a more general term. This video, clearly a product of postmodernism, makes the word even more vague. I mean, to call anyone who is passionate about something a nerd takes us away from the true meaning of nerdiness. In this example of ‘religious nerds’ there is obviously a better term – ‘religious fanatic’. I think it is one we all can embrace with pride. After all, we have ‘sports fanatics’ and the term is well regarded. Oh, wait, those are people who are obsessively passionate about their team and argue about the minutiae of scouting reports, injury reports, and statistics. I guess they are sports nerds. This really throws a wrench into a current interpretation of Revenge of the Nerds then.

    On a serious note, a poignant (and admittedly, pretty darn funny) point about religious extremism.

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