A Smorgacopia of Augustine Lectures Online

Which is bigger: a smorgasbord or a cornucopia? I couldn’t decide, so I just smushed them together into one word. Either way, here’s a list of free, online lectures on various aspects of Augustine and his theology. I really haven’t listened to any of these, though I sampled a few, so I can’t guarantee their quality. But, they are from reputable sources.  So they should be good resources for anyone wanting to get more familiar with Augustine.

We’re celebrating Augustine week this week. So, if you know of any online lectures that need to be added to the list, please let us know in the comments.

Here are some individual lectures:

And, the Augustinian Institute from Villanova University offers some great resources on iTunes including:

  • The Darkest Enigma: Reconsidering the Self in Augustine’s Thought
  • The Hymn to the One in Augustine’s De Trinitate IV
  • Facing Wealth and Poverty: Defining Augustine’s Social Doctrine
  • Confession and the Contemplative Self in Augustine’s Early Works
  • Augustine, Exegesis, and Controversy
  • Giving Wings to Nicea: Olivier Du Roy and the Origins of Augustine’s Trinitarian Theology
  • Augustine on the Divided Self
  • The God of Augustine’s Anti-Manichean Works
  • Augustine and the Appeal to ‘Popular Belief’ in Theological Controversies
  • Augustine on the Incarnation as Criterion for Orthodoxy

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