Flotsam and jetsam (8/29)

Role Reversal (via 22 Words)

The most immediate problem with singing such songs in church lies in the way that it reduces the source of faith to just one more product promising us fulfilment and happiness in our soul. The church is then reduced to just one more company with it’s advertising sales pitch, it’s promises of happiness and it’s impotent snake oil supplement to supposedly enhance our lives.

Next time we sound off on a topic we know little about, or cloak ourselves in moral certainty, or voice unsupported assertions, or jump to unstudied conclusions, or stake out doctrinaire positions on complex issues, we should know that we’re setting a bad example for our students.

IMAGINE nobody dies. All of a sudden, whether through divine intervention or an elixir slipped into the water supply, death is banished. Life goes on and on; all of us are freed from fear that our loved ones will be plucked from us, and each of us is rich in the most precious resource of all: time.

Wouldn’t it be awful?

It is true that Barth could be hard on fundamentalists or biblicists (for taking verses out of context or for trying to prove the Bible is true with secular methods so as to construct an unassailable starting point and foundation) but Barth’s vision of the church is largely compatible with the biblicist.

  • And, here’s a list of 22 Fascinating and Biazarre Classes Offered This Semester. I think I would really enjoy Zombies in Popular Media, Cyborg Anthropology, or Philosophy and The Wire, but I’ll definitely pass on Disney Features: Then and Now, The Phallus, and Goldberg’s Canon: Makin’ Whoopi.

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