Flotsam and jetsam (6/15)

Augustine’s beliefs are not normative for the Christian church. No individual should usurp the final authority of Scripture. However, Augustine’s theology has shaped and set the agenda for almost every major doctrinal endeavor of the church for 1,500 years. Exploring his reflections is an excellent way to gain a fresh perspective, unencumbered by the neuroses and prejudices burdening late-modernity.

Edwards also shows us that a well lived life doesn’t just happen; it requires intentionality. And intentionality manifests itself in certain “mechanisms” that help us maintain our intentionality. Edwards’ resolutions are one example of such a “mechanism.”

  • The Atlantic offers The 14 Biggest Ideas of the Year: “A guide to the intellectual trends that, for better or worse, are shaping America right now. (Plus a bunch of other ideas, insights, hypotheses, and provocations.)”

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  1. Thanks for the link…and lots of good stuff in there.

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