Flotsam and jetsam (6/2)

The Future of Evolution

History and the lives it contains are always more complicated than the simple moral Manicheeism of the hagiographer.  Even Athanasius, great as he was, was merely one complicated and sinful player among others.

For some years now I’ve stood back and looked the other way as you preached your message of optimism and faith rewarded to tens of thousands of worshipers and to the millions of people who have bought your best-selling books, as you’ve become perhaps America’s best-known preacher or inspirational speaker. Earlier this year The Guardian actually called you “America’s Pastor,” which forced me to sit up and take notice.

Lady Gaga appears on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone with the cutline “Monster Goddess,” which isn’t quite right: When you get down to it, Gaga is not her own deity but rather a congregant, a preacher, an apostle.
  • And, Tim Challies points out that the Kindle edition of John Piper’s Think is on sale at Amazon for just $2.99. And, he also recommends an article on how to find Free Christian Kindle Books.

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  1. We often read how faith “pollutes science”, but isn’t CHANCE, which is the basis for all secular science the worse kind of pollution, not to mention flimsiest? I mean CHANCE = ? and ? = LIFE FORMS.

    That Obama chose Collins to head NIH should be of no concern to secularists. Collins staunchly defends Darwinian evolution while insisting that God is the creator. How do you do that?

    Collins will help dilute any firm belief in anything, scientific or religious. For Collins believes that the concept of Adam and Eve do not fit the evidence – this betrays his true convictions, that God really is just god to him. Collins puts more faith in man-gleaned evidence (that has been prone to change) than in the God of the universe and His Word.

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