Francis Chan and Erasing Hell

Ok Ok!!  I know everyone is tired of hearing about hell.  I myself checked out about a month ago.  However, since it had been a while since I checked in I thought I would see if anyone had posted anything fresh on the issue.  I was optimistically hoping to find a response from Rob Bell clarifying his position.  To this point I have not, but I did find a promo video for Francis (I literally almost wrote Jackie) Chan’s new book, Erasing Hell.  Don’t worry he’s just asking some good thought provoking questions.  The book sounds like a respectful  and thoughtful response (IN WHICH I NOW MAKE A BIG DISCLAIMER THAT I HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK YET!  THUS I AM NOT ENDORSING NOR DEFAMING IT!!!).

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  1. I’ve been thinking about all this hell/rapture/heaven talk, and it leaves me wondering: is this the only way we have to speak about eschatology? Is this really the extent of our vocabulary when talking about our hope being fully fulfilled?

  2. Thankfully no, Aaron. “renewal,” “justification,” “New Jerusalem,” “baptism,” “already-not yet,” “resurrection,” etc. There is a rich vocabulary (and grammar) we don’t use that often to discuss God’s construal of history and Christian experience.

    Its just that folks like Camping and Bell are more provocative and get the attention, and then frame the conversation.

  3. It is annoying how often and how quickly we allow the discussion to become dominated by the latest controversy? And how skewed the resulting impression can be? That’s part of the reason I’ve been reluctant to post on it too much here.

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