The Great Disappointment of 1844

A prominent Christian teacher claiming to know exactly when Jesus would return. A group of people absolutely convinced that he’s right. A world watching to see what would happen.

Sound familiar? I’m sure it does. But, I’m actually describing what was going on in 1844, when William Miller convinced his followers that Jesus would return sometime that year, eventually settling on October 22. The day came and went without incident.

Here’s a short video on The Great Disappointment, which does a nice job putting you into their shoes to experience their hope and eventual disappointment.


HT Crystal Lewis


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  1. I’m not sure how Christians keep missing the fact that even Jesus said He didn’t know the time or the hour. He gave us signs to judge by, but not dates. (Mark 12:32)

  2. We are. You’re so right.

  3. Headless Unicorn Guy

    Just out of curiosity, was that video from a Seventh-Day Adventist source? The emphasis on Ellen White (who organized the Seventh Day Adventists from the remnant of Miller’s Great Disappointment) seems to indicate so.

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