What is “beautiful” to you?

What comes to your mind first when you hear the word “beautiful”? When you want to describe the beauty that’s in the world, what’s your go to analogy? For me, it’s easy:

  • a waterfall
  • a single blade of grass
  • a child’s smile

What about you?

by Baaker2009 (via Flickr)

.We’re coming to the end of Jonathan Edwards week. And one of the primary distinguishing characteristics of Edwards’ theology was his appreciation of beauty. For Edwards, you really don’t know anyone or anything until you have come to appreciate his/her/its particular beauty – i.e. its particular “fit” in the universe as a whole.

And, you can’t really appreciate how something fits into the whole universe until you know how it relates to God. So, for Edwards, the experiencing the beauty of creation is ultimately about experiencing God’s own beauty.

Indeed, Edwards thought so much of the world’s beauty that he could say:

the reason why almost all men, and those that seem to be very miserable, love life: because they cannot bear to lose the sight of such a beautiful and lovely world. (Beauty of the World)

So, again I ask, what is “beautiful” to you? In what do you most often experience the beauty of the world and, consequently, God’s own beauty? If you want to leave a comment and tell us about it, great. If not, at least give yourself a chance to see beauty today. Go find it somewhere. It shouldn’t take long if your eyes are open.


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  1. God’s creation still speaks, God’s name: “Elohim”, the Creator!

  2. I think that forgiveness is beautiful. You can’t see it, but you can really feel it in you when you have forgiven someone else. The release of that negativie energy feels so good. It feels as if you’ve been harboring some sort of energy in your chest that has diabled you from really breathing, from really living.
    Great blog post!

  3. I used to work on a dairy farm. On some mornings as the sun was coming over the top of the valley you would look out the back of the milking shed and see 2 – 3 balloons floating along with the wind with the sunrise behind them… absolutely majestically silent unless the pilot would hit the gas.

    Or sitting on a mountain top and watching the sun rise, the fields glitter with the jew like diamonds. Or the sun set and the clouds be filled with the multicolours and shades of red, brown, pinks.

    Of course it would be hard to match the beauty of my wife on our wedding day – yet she grows more beautiful every day. 🙂

  4. Edward Hopper – “Hotel Lobby”

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