It’s Jonathan Edwards Week!

I’ve decided to designate this as Jonathan Edwards Week, since it’s the week leading up to my class on Jonathan Edwards. And, to celebrate Jonathan Edwards Week, I’ll be posting a variety of Edwards links, quotes, and resources every day this week. (I will, of course, post on other issues as well. I couldn’t stick to one topic for an entire week if I wanted to.) So, if you’re interested in Edwards, stay tuned for more.

And, I thought the following clip would help get things started on the right note.

HT Brian’s Life


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  1. I hope in your class you go over Jonathan Edwards letters and his support for African enslavement.

    • That will definitely be part of the discussion, as will the anti-slavery efforts of those who carried the Edwardsian legacy after him.

      • Great! I think his son who became president of Yale became an abolitionist.

      • Yes, Jonathan Edwards Jr. was a prominent abolitionst, as were most of those who followed in Edwards footsteps. Most of them felt that abolitionism was a much more consistent application of Edwards’ own theological convictions, even though Edwards himself never went there.

      • Oh, and Jonathan Edwards Jr. went on to be president of Union College in New York. You may be thinking of Timothy Dwight, Edwards’ grandson, who was president of Yale.

  2. oh i do too! edwards was the smartest of his day.

  3. @Marc

    Yes, I do recall in my research on the history of liberal theology it was Timothy Dwight, Edwards’ grandson.

  4. I’m actually just finishing my last week of my Jonathan Edwards class at Southern Seminary. You are going to love taking a class on Edwards! I hope you find great encouragement and conviction from it. Glory to God!

    • Great. We’ll be hosting some discussions on various aspects of Edwards life and theology throughout the summer. So, please feel free to come and offer your thoughts as we go.

  5. Hope procure myself a copy of some work either by or about Jonathan Edwards If I can…

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