Flotsam and jetsam (3/9)

  • Bob Hyatt discusses his journey toward women in leadership.

My original vision for our community included a male “elder” board that handled the “shepherding” and a co-ed “leadership team” that handled the details of administration and ministry.
But a funny thing happened: I changed. I went back to Scripture, prayerfully re-examined what it said and what that meant against the backdrop of the culture at the time, and I came to different conclusions.

This heartbreaking mythical Medieval tale captures the imagination and rebukes human folly. How high our dreams and visions of changing the world! How disappointed we are when the sea fails to part before us. We who invoke the name of Christ and carry the banner of his cross are no less subject to the vicissitudes, disappointments, and failures of life. We bear the ashes on this holy day to remind us of our oneness with all humanity and to confess our inability to change the fundamentals. Our strategies will fail and we will die.

But as it stands, the Confessions presents a terrible irony that may underline its basic message in spite of itself. Augustine’s worst sin might be one that he himself remained unaware of, one that his saintly mother aided and abetted him in carrying out, and one that remained imperfectly confessed because imperfectly understood.

The shortest description I’ve come up with for the overall intellectual task is that it’s somewhere between “A Theology of California” and “Theology from California.”

  • Political Jesus has been reflecting on the Chalcedonian Creed and its significance for today (see here, here, and here).
  • Several people have commented recently on Miroslav Volf’s article regarding whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God (see Brian LePort, Bobby Grow, and Will Molenaar).

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  1. Tim Challies article was good, and seems to be informed by someone who has read the book. Thanks for posting a link to that.

  2. Thanks for the link, Marc!

  3. Marc, the Denny Burk article about our friend Rob Bell is simply more rubbish from the GC types. He once again works on heresay and what is not said. He fails to mention that Moe Girkin (Zondervan’s president) was sacked not long after that decision. Furthermore, he fails to say who the new publisher is: Harper One. Yep. That evil business who are also the publisher of Eugene Peterson’s memoirs and a Ben Witherington book. END RANT

    (Sorry Marc but what these people are doing is wrong!)
    END RANT *2


  4. I don’t typically offer any comments on the links in the Flotsam and Jetsam posts (that would take too long). So, a link just means that I found something interesting – not necessarily that I agreed with it.

    I almost didn’t link to the Burk post at first, because his conclusion does seem like a bit of guesswork. It’s possible that he’s right, but it also seems entirely possible to me that the statement just means they weren’t interested in the book (or the ensuing controversy), rather than that they literally thought it was in contradiction to their stated purpose (i.e. it’s more tactful to say “doesn’t fit with our mission” than to say “we don’t like it”). Nonetheless, I thought it was an interesting comment and the CNN article he’s referring to has gotten some attention as well. So, I thought it was worth a link.

    (And I still think they have a right to speak!) END RANT # I’ve lost count

  5. In case you hadn’t noticed the issue is under my skin…;)

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