iPad 2 versus other tablets (iPad, Xoom, Touchpad)

I still haven’t purchased a new laptop. If you haven’t been following this blog for very long, this may not be terribly surprising. The rest of you know that I’ve been in the market for a new laptop for a while now. But, I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger. Technically, I’ve pulled the trigger several times and then stuffed the bullet back in. I’m now on my fourth laptop in the last six months and I’m still not happy. (I keep returning them.) So, the hunt continues.

And now Apple comes out with the second generation of iPads. So, although I’d written off the iPad a while back because I wasn’t happy with its limitations, I have to check it out again. Thanks Apple.

So, since I’m doing some homework, I think I’d pass along some of the results. Here’s an interesting link showing the iPad 2 from all angles.  And, here’s the most helpful infographic I’ve seen so far comparing the iPad2 to its major competitors: the original iPad, the Motorola Xoom, and the HP Touchpad.


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  1. I’m really leaning to the Ipad2. I like Android, but there is not central control over development of apps and the such. Plus, they have different operating platforms.

  2. Do you have a post in the past where you mention what sorts of things you need in your next laptop/tablet?

    • Unfortunately, no. It’s been more of an unfolding process. Basically, I travel a lot and also do quite a bit of work at home, office, and coffee shop. So, I need a small-form, lightweight laptop that still gets a lot of work done. I was originally attracted to the iPad for its size/weight, but I’m not convinced that its conducive to a good work experience. On the laptop size, I’m growing convinced that I’m just not willing to pay for what I want. The laptops I’ve used have all been either too big/heavy or sufficiently small/light but underpowered (e.g. netbooks). I may need to bite the bullet and just pay more.

  3. Depends what purpose the device will serve, but I would go with the iPad. If you are on a budget you can buy the previous iPad 16g for $399

    Also something to highly consider are apps, the Android tablet has a small amount of apps a little over 100 apps, vs iPad with over 66000 apps.

    I won’t jump to the ipad2 not enough enhancements for me to switch,ill wait for the iPad 3 then upgrade.

  4. Justin Cardinal

    It’s pricy but I love my new MacBook Air. I would recommend it to anyone. The iPad has so many limitations if you don’t already have a great laptop but I am still tempted to get one. Let me know if you want to play with my laptop though…

    • I looked really closely at the MacBook Air, especially the smaller version. I actually think that it’s exactly the kind of laptop that I want, but I haven’t yet been willing to fork over the extra money.

  5. look, i’m a unashamed mac-addict, but i believe whole heartedly that the ipad (1 & 2) are just toys to consume media, and not for work.

    I feel the MacBook Air is what you’re looking for. yes it costs a little bit more, but you get a great looking and feeling computer. OSX is better than anything else you’re going to get. (web books? really?) i very rarely use my optical/DVD drive so i don’t think it’s a big deal. basically, when you take out your Air, you’ll not only want to work but you’ll look good doing it too, which is the primary (and secondary) concern for mac users.

    (i may or may not have helped in your decision making process)

  6. I love my iPad but I don’t know what it’s like to depend on it for work. I do have a bluetooth keyboard if I want to do heavy typing and it works great for that. I mainly use it for reading ebooks (pdfs, ePub, Kindle), surfing the web, email, watching videos, a little casual gaming and some writing. I think it does great for all that, plus the battery life is really good. Like Robert, I’ll wait for the iPad 3 before upgrading. A dual core processor and camera are not enough for me to upgrade. I’m waiting for a higher resolution screen, more ram, and faster processors, although I’m already really happy with it.

    BTW the amount of apps are a really big deal. I had an android tablet for a while and the apps available were not that many, not that good, and often over priced. Apple gets all the good app development. It was crazy how hard it was to just find a decent pdf reader for Android and I never did find one that would do annotations or even bookmarks. Truthfully there’s not much that would make me want to get an Android tablet at this point.

    If I didn’t have an iPad I would probably try to go with a higher powered netbook with an SSD drive. It would probably bring the price closer to $400 or $500 but it would be worth it.

  7. The Tablet market is so volatile right now it makes me shudder to think of buying one. A failed launch has turned HP into a company that just makes printers.
    For work, you can get a very nice laptop for the price of a new Tablet. More power, programs and easier to use.
    For portability a Tablet is great.
    I guess the best solution is of course..one of each please.

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