Is there a central message that runs through the whole Bible?

Here is a short video from D. A. Carson addressing the question of whether there is a single message that runs through the entire Bible. What do you think?


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  1. Overall, very good word. In the end God is His own “Theodicy”!

  2. D.A. Carson spoke at my Bible college, a sermon I’ll never forget; a homily that pointed to the narrative of Jesus’ advent referencing a purpose statement spoken by an angel, “and he will save his people from their sins.”

    That is the story as I see it.

    All things were created by him, for him (Col. 2:16), to be saved by him.

  3. I disagree with Carson in that there is a central theme running through the 66 books. To validate this, it should be easy to see this central theme as the central theme of each book; which is something I would argue against…

    • Is that necessarily the case? Isn’t it at least possible that there is a central theme running through all 66, but the individual books may have their own central theme – though that individual central theme would have to relate to the overall central theme in some way. For example, when I write a book, an individual chapter can have its own central theme that is actually different from the central theme of the whole book, even though I think it is important for carrying forward the overall point of the book.

  4. I agree with you there about authorial intent… I do agree that Christ is the fulfilment of the OT covenant and in this regard He is the central intended theme of the Bible…

    However I would argue that this theme was not an authorial intent… rather its one we are reading back into the text.

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