Rethinking education

Here’s an interesting, animated lecture from Sir Ken Robinson on changing educational paradigms in America today. I actually meant to post this last month when Brian LePort commented on it, but I forgot. So, thanks to Daniel Kirk for pointing it out again.


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  1. I am currently reading Neil Postman’s The End of Education and he deals with some of these same questions in that book. However, instead of emphasizing the mechanics of how we do education, he mostly focuses on the unifying narrative that under-girds why we do education. (A great read for any of my classmates interested in applying what we learned in our philosophy class to a tangible issue.)
    Postman also suggests that our current reasoning behind education (get this degree to get a job) is an inadequate narrative to motivate students. What I did not hear in this lecture is an opposing model. Even if we can educate better, why, what is the purpose? As the lecture started I thought Sir Ken would provide an alternative narrative, but he seemed to get caught up in the how and never returned to the why. (Unless I missed it… entirely possible.)
    I guess what I am trying to figure out is if our current practices are based on a failing model, or an out of date paradigm (enlightenment thinking) then what narrative will replace the old as we switch to these new methods? What is the why behind all these new hows?

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