Flotsam and jetsam (12/30)

What we are faced with here is a basic dilemma regarding the structure of the story about salvation in Jesus.

Calvin did not commit himself to any version of the doctrine of definite atonement. This, at least, is what I think. His thought is consistent with that doctrine, that is, he did not deny it in express terms. But (by other things that he most definitely did hold to) he may be said to be committed to that doctrine.

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  1. Jim is going down…unless he repents.

    • Yes, I’m sure Jim will be repenting soon. He’s well known for quickly repenting when challenged by another blogger. Wait….

  2. LOLOLOL. time to return ya to the blogroll for that one marc

  3. Marc,

    I weep a little to see you bow before Jim.

    • Wait, how did you see me bowing? My door was closed. Are you spying on me again? I thought you were going to get counseling for that. Remember, I can always get the restraining order reinstated if you violate the terms of your parole.

  4. Ha! I am not spying. Norm is.

  5. What else is Helm going to say about Calvin ūüėČ . . . shocking!

  6. hahaha @brian. ya know what, even if stevens hadn’t joined your merry band, i think i still would read you guys and have you on the roll.

    a sense of humor is essential. thats why the humorless are excluded from the kingdom of heaven. wretched boorish pinheads they are.

  7. @Jim: We are a goofy group!

    • GOOFY!?!?!

      • Hmmm, according to the free online dictionary, goofy means “foolish; silly; stupid.” That sounds right to me. But, it also indicates that there’s a British use (of teeth) meaning “sticking out; portruding.” Since Near Emmaus does stick out a bit, that still make sense. So, it sounds like a good fit.

  8. I only accept “silly” as legitimate.

    • I’m just pointing out what the dictionary says. You’re the one who picked the word.

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