The 20 Worst Nativity Sets

Mark Oestreicher has posted a list of the 20 Worst Nativity Sets (HT). And, it’s hard to disagree that his first one is pretty bad.



Cats? Seriously? I could see using cats to symbolize the fall, the ten plagues, or various scenes in Revelation, but not the nativity. That’s just wrong.

And, although this one wasn’t about the nativity, it’s disturbing enough to warrant mention. What kinds of people actually put these things in their lawns?



You’ll have to check out his post to see the rest. But, although he did a great job compiling this list, I think he missed one. What Christmas would possibly be complete without a bacon and sausage nativity?




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  1. The last one is eschatologically charged (notice I’m tying threads together) – it anticipates the Messiah’s work of abolishing the food laws, rendering what was formerly unclean (sausages and other salted pork treats) now clean. Also, if you eat this you die quicker and get to glory sooner.

    Also, you need to get right with cats.

    • That is some brilliant theological dot-connecting. Nicely done!

      (I’m ignoring the comment about cats.)

    • Pat, I thought you were going to make reference to the heat of the oven and make some tie to the eternal torments of hell for rejecting the gospel. I’m equally as pleased with your dietary law interpretation, however, because I eat bacon regularly.

  2. I am all about making the bacon and sausage nativity. They should add this one to the collection at The Grotto.

    Maybe a bacon and sausage gingerbread house too with lard piping instead of icing.

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