Quote of the day from ETS

Overheard in the lobby: “ETS is not a good place to pick up chicks.”

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  1. If you are a young lady, though, it is a nice place to meet a white dudes in sport coats – seriously can we get a different dress code for this thing?

  2. You have to wear sport coats?! Garbage.

    • Brian,

      Does your query intimate that sport coats might constitute an intrinsic evil? If so, how close do you need to be near to one in a plenary session in order to be materially cooperating in evil?

  3. Jerome,

    That is a good question. I may not be able to participate at ETS in good conscious until they are all asked not to wear a sport’s coat.

    • As one who has never worn a sports coat (or any kind of coat) to an ETS meeting, I can definitely affirm that there is no dress code. Indeed, as ETS has attracted more younger members, the standard dress has gotten even more casual.

  4. Sweet….jeans and a t-shirt it is!

  5. i tried to hit the “like” button, but i can’t get it to work…

    PS I was not the one quoted.

  6. Yes, sorry for the confusion. Not an ‘official’ dress code, but definitely a dominant sartorial element. I shall never wear one again next time I go back.

  7. I bet JohnMark said it, right Marc?

    • I would love to say that it was JohnMark, but I can’t. It was actually some random guy in the lobby that I didn’t know. But, if you’d like, go ahead and just say that it was JohnMark anyway. I’m okay with that.

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