The Shack Bible Translation? Please say it isn’t so…

I don’t have time to chase this one down, but according to Rod, somebody (aka “The Shack Bible Project”) intends to offer a paraphrase of the Bible that is more in line with the vision of God presented in The Shack (which is, in turn, supposed to be much more in line with patristic thought).

I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of re-translating the Bible so that it lines up better with a particular theological perspective. That would certainly make theology a lot easier. I think I’ll get started on my own translation of Romans. That books has caused me way to much theological grief over the years, and my own personal translation would definitely help. I think I’ll add some unicorns.


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  1. hmm, i’m just worried that those two projects might compromise the market share of my antipodean-arminian-charismatic-evangelical-anabaptist-likesbeetrootbutnotmerangue version for tall people which is coming out soon. 😦

  2. I must admit that reading some of the creative rewriting (even paraphrase has its limits) in that site what hard to stomach, but then, how is it any different than the NIV making St Paul sound like a conservative Evangelical, or using the word “tradition” only in a pejorative sense but waxing paraphrastic when the word is used in positive contexts?

    • Even if you’re not a fan of the NIV, you have to admit that there’s a difference between a translation in which your theological conclusions/interpretations necessarily shine through to some extent and re-writing the text so that it more naturally supports your theological perspectives. I know the line gets blurry at times, but there’s still a difference.

  3. Who combined the American marketing machine with retail bible sales? Who did this? How can we stop him? Maybe theologians (potential and true) should boycott our Christian bookstores. It might help us save some embarrassment. : )

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