Birth of a Legend!

If you’re a Jonathan Edwards fan, then you may want to mark your calendar.  On October 5, 1703 Edwards was born in East Windsor, Connecticut.  The Stanford Encyclopedia claims that Edwards was the most important and original philosophical theologian that America has ever produced.  George Marsden, who wrote what many consider to be the foremost biography on Edwards, echoes that sentiment by saying that Edwards was one of America’s greatest intellectuals.  During his lifetime he served as a pastor, was extremely influential in the First Great Awakening, championed Reformed theology, and was the President of the College in New Jersey (now Princeton University).  His legacy includes “scores of clergymen, thirteen presidents of higher learning, sixty-five professors, and many other persons of notable achievements.” He was an influential man during his life on earth, and three hundred years later he is still influencing theologians.  Desiring God has provided a list of the best Edwards-related resources by Pastor John Piper found on their site.

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  1. Let’s not bring your family into this…doctrinal family! Ha!

  2. Indeed Jonathan Edwards is one of the most profound American Christian pastor-theolog’s ever! He had a good wife also! 🙂

    PS..My oldest son (20) is named Jonathan!

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