How’s your religious knowledge (aka Are you smarter than an atheist?)

By now you’ve probably heard about the survey that recently demonstrated that atheists and agnostics know more about religion than most religious people do. (If not, you can read the full report here. NPR also discusses it here.) Now, you can take the quiz for yourself. Answer this brief 15-question survey and see how your religious knowledge compares to the population as a whole.

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  1. 100%. Wait…does that mean I’m an atheist?

    (also, the first “here” is not linked)

  2. 15 out 15 a 100%. It looks like all my student debt is finally paying off 😉 .

  3. I scored 15/15 as well. What Christians did this survey?!

  4. Non-seminary educated Christians, I suspect. Folks are ignorant, and (lets be honest) not that interested in “religion.” Or to put it another way, they are interested in religion. Only, what gives them ultimate meaning and what they give themselves to so as to be “saved” is not what normally gets counted as “religion.”

  5. What I find interesting about this is many, many Christians do care about religion at a political level. So while I agree with you Pat there is a side of this that is ironic. A Christian who believes Christ is the only way to God doesn need to know about Nirvana but a Christian who is going to make political decisions based on “all Muslims are called to ‘jihad'”, and other myths, are obligated to know a bit more about the sociological aspects of other religions before making various political claims.

  6. Actually what was interesting was the level of knowledge by Mormons and Jewish people. Atheists is not too surprising since they have probably done a bit of investigating into many religions. This explains also why Christians did poorly – they scored badly on questions about other faiths. They did know Jonathan Edwards more than others. To your comment about Christians political knowledge, Brian, they did not do so well with the question about reading the Bible as literature in schools. Pretty interesting stuff (a 15/15 for me too).

  7. 15/15. Though, they were very simple questions. I am surprised (but not really I guess) that the Christians surveyed scored so lowly.

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