God speaks English

This has nothing to do with immigration debates, Anglo-centrism, or the KJV-only argument. No, this is about academic rivalry/mockery, pure and simple.

The following is a picture of a cake that one of our counseling professors just bought for the students who will be spending four hours this evening learning Hebrew. I can’t wait to see how they respond. Maybe for their next lesson, Dr. Verbruggen will teach them how to make fun of Freud in Hebrew.



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  1. Why, this is ridiculous! It is a known fact that the True Language of the True Worship of the True God — indeed, the Language that Pleases God Best — is Church Slavonic. Премудрост! Прости!

  2. He speaks English but He prefers Dutch. That’s what Dr. Verbruggen told me.

  3. I weep for you, Marc.

    Meanwhile, this Dr Verbruggen is clearly mistaken. Dutch is only the language of the gas stop on the way to Heaven.

  4. Oh come on it’s surely widely accepted now that Jesus came to England to attend one of our prestigious universities and obtain a nice ‘cut glass’ English accent.

    So, yes God does speak English and with an Oxford accent.

    I’m led to believe this was before he travelled to the US.

  5. Some guy name Joseph said Jesus came to America to speak to the Natives so he must understand some sort of Native American language. At least that is what Glenn Beck said.

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