The REAL truth about Jim West’s Glee character

There has been some discussion lately about which Glee character certain bloggers are most like. Mark Stevens started things off with this graphic. If you click on the image, you’ll see that Mark thinks I’m the blogger most like Will Shuester. I think that’s pretty hard to argue with.

For some reason, however, Jim West is upset. Granted, that’s not terribly unusual. But still, he seems to think that Mark was way off base and that Jim should be Will Shuester.  So, he’s responded with his own picture (one that probably tells you more about where Jim spends his time online than anything else).

But, I don’t think there’s any real argument here. Mark nailed it on the head with his Will Shuester identification. Let’s just look at the facts.

Marc Cortez = Will Shuester

Inspirational teacher? Check. Multi-talented individual? Check. Likely to break out in song at unpredictable moments? Check (just ask my daughters). Curly locks? Check (when I let them grow a bit). Unfortunate tendency to have students develop inappropriate crushes on him? Sadly, check. (I think that’s why Brian keeps following me everywhere. Seriously, every time I go to work, he’s there.) Can there really be any argument here?  Clearly I am the best Will Shuester around these parts.

But, what about Jim West? If he’s not Mr. Shue, who is he? Well, here I think Mark missed it a little. In his original post, Mark argued that Jim would be a good Kurt. Granted, Kurt has that whole diva thing going on (divo? divo/a?), and that certainly fits Jim well. But, Kurt’s clearly too well liked to be Jim. So, that’s not really an opion.

Jim West = Sue Sylvester

I think it’s clear that the best Glee character for Jim is Sue Sylvester. Is there really any room for doubt? Cantankerous? Check. Old? Check. Deeply jealous of Will Shuester (aka me)? Check. Fondness for secretly video-taping himself/herself dancing to the tune of Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical”? Check. Resorts to falsified blackmail on a regular basis? Check. Could there possibly be a closer match than this?

I think my case has been made, and Jim West’s secret Glee identity has been revealed. You can see him every week on Fox. You might even be able to get him/her to sign some autographs for you.

About Marc Cortez

Theology Prof and Dean at Western Seminary, husband, father, & blogger, who loves theology, church history, ministry, pop culture, books, and life in general.

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  1. Ghastly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i’ll get you will shuester, um i mean marc cortez!

  2. i’ve publicly denounced your use of vile chemical weapons and am even now preparing the wood for your barbecue.

    your curly locks will doubtless go first…

  3. Uh oh. It appears that I’ve made Sue angry. I probably should have remembered that Sue does not liked to be crossed and that it rarely goes well for Shuester when she gets angry. Maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll have a cheerleading competition to attend soon. That might distract her for a while.

  4. Best post I have read all week! 😀 i especially like this comment, “one that probably tells you more about where Jim spends his time online than anything else”

  5. evil people…. that barbecue is heating up

  6. I’ve chosen to take my character as a compliment. I think I am being told I am a positive personality amongst bibliobloggers….or something like that.

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