Flotsam and jetam (8/31)


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  1. re: beliefs evolutionary advantages –
    Beliefs are different than genes. Unless they can get to the point of identifying beliefs we hold with DNA sequences, I think this is not going to be a very useful (or scientific) approach.

    As an interesting aside: the reporter, Alix Spiegel, was/is a contributor to This American Life, and had a “crisis of doubt” in one of the episodes. She was in Colorado Springs, and in addition to spending time with Ted Haggard (before his public fall) she also spent time with another staffer from his church and really had to sort through about whether to give her life to Christ. She called Ira Glass when she was there, and he helped talk her out of it.

    • Yes, for this to work, they’d have to maintain that there is a “God gene” that gives certain people a propensity for believing in a higher being.

      That’s interesting about the reporter. I wasn’t aware of that.

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