Flotsam and jetsam (8/14)

Some really good links for your Saturday reading pleasure.

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Theology Prof and Dean at Western Seminary, husband, father, & blogger, who loves theology, church history, ministry, pop culture, books, and life in general.

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  1. re: Saturday morning cartoons: This is the worst list ever.

    “Super Friends” is only #9?! Garbage like “Richie Rich” & “Muppet Babies” is Top 20?! And how did “Kid N Play” (#40), “Hammerman” (#49) – two that barely lasted a season – get on there at all?

    Where is “Scrappy Doo”? “Captain Caveman”? “Jabberjaw”? “Blue Falcon and Dyno-mutt”? The 70’s were way under represented for very lame and unsatisfactory choices from the ’80’s and mid ’90’s.

    And since they threw in “Land of the Lost,” why not “Sigmund the Sea Monster”? Or for that matter, “Electra Woman and Dyna-girl”? Sheesh!

    • That’s an impressive display of Saturday-morning-cartoon-ology. I thought I watched cartoons as a kid, but I was amazed at how many of these I’d never even heard of (including many of the ones you list). So, I just as un-hip then as I am now. At least I’m consistent.

  2. Please, PLEASE don’t hang the albatross of “hip” on me. I was speaking from the heart, and not trying to be ironic. And if I was hip, I would have the tin lunch boxes for all of those cartoons, displayed somewhere in my house.

  3. And I figured you for a “Davey and Goliath” kind of guy on Saturday mornings, anyway:-)


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