Vacation aftermath

I just looked at my email inbox for the first time in a few days. It’s depressing. Would someone remind me why I take vacations? It’s not like the work goes away. So, instead of having two normal weeks, I end up with one really relaxing week sandwiched between two really crazy weeks (getting ready to go and dealing with the aftermath). Does the vacation really help enough to make up for the surrounding insanity?

Okay, I know the vacation was still worth it. My wife and I really enjoyed being off on our own for the first time in years. And, it was good to relax, read, and recharge. I’m just whining because now I have to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon sitting in front of a computer responding to (or deleting) too many emails. On the bright side, at least my laptop lets me do the work outside. So, it’s not a total loss.

About Marc Cortez

Theology Prof and Dean at Western Seminary, husband, father, & blogger, who loves theology, church history, ministry, pop culture, books, and life in general.

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