Patriotism, nationalism, and Christian worship (a roundup)

The last few days have seen quite a number of posts on the question of whether nationalistic symbols (e.g. flags) should be displayed in worship services and/or whether Christian churches should celebrate/recognize national holidays like the 4th of July. Here are some of the more interesting posts:

I’m sure there will be other posts over the next couple of days, but this seems like more than enough for now.

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  1. Marc, thanks for these links. The machinery of nationalism calls for an uncritical allegiance that tramples on the consciences of persons and wants to name as ‘secular’ that which is in origin simply ‘pagan’. Here are a few posts that may be of interest to you:

    Aliens in the Church: A Reflection on ANZAC Day, National Flags and the Church as an Alternative Society
    Mythologies to live – and to die – by
    Stanley Hauerwas on patriotism, pacifism and just warriors
    Anzac Day and the god of war

  2. Thanks for the link and compiling these together. Always great running into new blogs.

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