John Walton on reading Genesis as an ancient text

To help whet your appetite for our upcoming book discussion of John Walton’s The Lost World of Genesis One, here’s a BioLogos clip of Walton talking about why it is important for us to read Genesis as an ancient text and how this will help us discern the “temple” imagery in Genesis 1-2.

By the way, you should be hearing from Billy on the date, time, and location for that book discussion sometime in the next few days.

(HT Internet Monk)

Billy gave me some lame excuse about moving and not having internet access for a while. He said he’d log in with some responses as soon as he can.

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  1. I really really like BioLogos and the work they do and for some unknown reason at times I feel guilty about it…weird eh.

    Sorry you didn’t need to know this, but I feel better for getting it off my chest.

  2. I’m sorry Marc that I posted that irrelevant comment.

    By way of explanation, it was not all that long ago that I was a true “fundie” literalist Yec’ist…you know the type.

    It’s been a hard road over these months to learn as fast as possible, as much as possible, and to suffer many crises on the route to freedom.

    It’s not easy to admit to yourself that you got things so wrong, for so long, but I wouldn’t change it now for anything.

    Genesis has now taken on a new and beautiful richness and so has my God.

    • No worries. I think you’ll find that some of the people reading this blog are fully in line with the work of BioLogos, but others would be pretty opposed (at least to their conclusions). And, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some who have a similar ambivalence. So, overall I think you’re in good company.

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