Soccer karma

I’ve decided that the disallowed goal in the last US match is the direct result of soccer karma. The soccer universe was thrown out of balance by the gift-goal that the US received against England, and soccer dis-harmony has reigned ever since: Spain lost, Germany lost, France lost, England can’t seem to buy a goal, chaos rules the soccer universe. In a desperate attempt to redress the imbalance, the Supreme Referee himself appeared in mortal form and disallowed the US goal lest the material world itself implode under the weight of its own improbability. So, US soccer fans take heart. Our sacrifice, painful though it may be, was actually necessary for the preservation of the known world.

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  1. It all makes sense now…

  2. Soccer and Sin Nature: An American Ethnocentric Sport Apologetic
    Okay the first part of the title has nothing to do with my comment, other than to make it sound theological..

    After watching more World Cup soccer than I have ever before, I think I have figured out why Americans just do not like the sport. I think they would acknowledge the beauty of a well timed pass, the athleticism needed to continually run up and down the field, and the grace and power of a spot on shot on goal. Furthermore there is a certain amount of rough and tumbleness and physicality that Americans can appreciate.

    All that being said, if some of the recent games are indicative of what is normal for Association football, I now understand American disdain for it. Frankly, I have never seen so much bad acting since the last time I watched Mystery Science Theater 3000. It has become annoying to watch these guys barely get nicked and then throw themselves to the ground and vociferously complain to the judges. It takes away from those who really are fouled and cheapens the game. A typical American view would probably be that they are sissy winers and you wouldn’t see this in American football. of course American sports have some of this (the basketball offensive chaarge vs. defensive block) but not to this extent. I must admit I am enjoying the games but these incidents are getting annoying.

    So perhaps a knowledgeable person can fill me in and tell me whether this is a normal, acceptable part of the game or if it is an evil aberration that has developed. I think Americans would continue to dislike if the former is true, and justifiably so, while they would be more interested if that latter was and FIFA worked to root out this bahavior.

    Just a thought.

    • I wasn’t too bothered by it until Kaka (Brazil) was sent off with his second yellow card for what was one of the worst calls I’ve seen yet. I’m not a Brazil fan, but that was horrible.

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