Thoughts from Acton

I’m at the closing banquet for the Acton conference and I thought I’d offer some closing thoughts. That’s a little odd, since I still intend to blog on some of the other sessions I’ve attended, but I don’t feel like listening to the thank you’s and I needed something to do. So here you go.

1. If you like to eat, go to Acton. I haven’t eaten this much food in a very long time. I actually just finished eating a dinner that I didn’t want. But it was free. So you have to eat it, right? Actually, I think it’s rather funny that at a conference where I have questions about how they understand comsumption (more on this later) they consume a lot of food (and alcohol). Interesting.

2. I still haven’t gotten the definitions of key terms/ideas that I want. Maybe I’ve just been corrupted by analytic philosophy more than I realized. Or, maybe there are some unfortunate assumptions and ambiguities lurking in the background.

3. I think it’s funny that they seem to avoid using the term “libertarian” to describe a view of free will, possibly because there are so many political libertarians here.

4. It has been fascinating to listen to people from third world countries argue that the world needs more capitalism.

5. My favorite word from the conference: Presbycostal. (Update: Father Sirico just busted out “Lesbyterian”. I think we have a new winner.)

6. It’s odd being in a group where the vast majority are significantly more conservative than I am.

7. You’d think a group that supports the free and open exchange lof ideas would have a more diverse groups of lecturers (or, at least, responders.

8. I feel a little out of place being one of the less conservative people in the room. That’s an unusual experience for me.

Overall, though it has been a fascinating learning experience, and well worth a couple of days.

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  1. What other working theologians, i.e. guys who are teaching in seminaries or divinity schools were there? Or maybe a better question, which evangelical seminaries and divinity schools were represented?

  2. Among the evangelical schools, I met people from Bethel, Trinity, Talbot, Grand Rapids, Ashland, Calvin, Southwestern, Northern Baptist, Fuller, Denver, Azusa, and Kings. I’m sure there were others, but those are the ones that ran into.

  3. Wait, the Roman Catholic guy is teasing Presbyterians about sexual preferences? Really?! Does he not watch TV or is it just that Fox News hasn’t reported about what is happening in his communion? Yikes. If anyone should keep his hat, …err, mitre in his hand, it would be him.

    Your #6 & #8 are the same. You might not do well in Texas. Me either:-)

    • Technically he was referring a particular person, rather than Presbysterians in general. But, I have to believe it was aimed at the more liberal (and usually more prominent) strands of Presbyterianism in America.

      Oops. I was typing this on my phone at dinner, but trying not to look like I was typing it on my phone at dinner. Or maybe I was subconsciously far more troubled by that one than I realized.

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